Ethic code of Penelope Smith

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains deunawakened.  – Anatole France –


This is the animal communication code of ethics developed by Penelope Smith that I believe in:

1. I believe in and
operate with compassion toward all beings.Ethic code (2)

2. I support, encourage, teach, and empower my human and nonhuman clients in their hopes and actions toward problem resolution and deeper, more satisfying relationships.

3. I encourage and support developing telepathic communication skills so as to empower and support independence in problem resolution and relationship enhancement, as well as the actualization of each being’s potential.

4. I respect and revere the beings I am engaged to assist, and I acknowledge and release criticism, judgment, condemnation, and invalidation in others and in myself.

5. I inform with loving kindness when behavior toward an animal or animals is disrespectful and/or cruel, and work with the person(s) to find a compassionate and mutually satisfactory solution.

Ethic code (3)

6. I believe that behavior that is harmful to self and/or others is derived from fear, and I work to alleviate that fear in my clients (human and nonhuman) so as to prevent further harm.

7. I protect, with compassion, the beings among my clientele when the rare need for serious protection occurs.

8. I believe that my own continued spiritual growth is necessary to preserve the integrity of my work. I am committed to promoting that growth so as to provide the best possible services with compassion, respect, joy, peace and harmony.

9. I am aware that telepathic communicators are imbued with power by others. I commit myself to honesty and to humility. I willingly and with loving kindness admit and correct my errors or potential errors.

10. Unless someone is in great immediate danger, I provide assistance through telepathic communication with nonhuman animals only where requested, so as to honor individual choice and privacy.

Ethic code (4)

11. I believe that only my clients, human and nonhuman, have the right to discuss our communications with others. I do not have that right. Thus I honor their privacy by maintaining total confidentiality with regard to content of communication, names of principals, and whether or not such a communication has even occurred.

12. I educate myself as needed to develop further my own knowledge, awareness, and skills, so that I may provide the best possible services with compassion, respect, joy, peace and harmony.

13. I acknowledge my limitations, referring my clients to other professionals as needed. I am not a veterinarian. Therefore, I do not medically diagnose. However, the animal’s experience of illness or injury, plus his or her perception of originating and sustaining factors can be very helpful to veterinarians. If requested, I relate what the animal says about feelings, pains, and symptoms so a veterinarian may use that information in formulating his or her diagnosis.

14. I may engage in alternatives (legal and ethical) and (spiritual) healings, but I make sure the client knows that these healings are not a substitute for standard (conventional or holistic) medical treatment, but that they enhance such treatment.

Ethic code (1)

15. I am committed to keeping myself informed of appropriate resources to provide hope and pertinent solutions to the client wherever possible.

16. I am dedicated and committed to the promotion of communication, balance, compassion, understanding, communion, integrity, and love among all beings through telepathic communications. I believe that this contributes largely to the healing of our planet.

17. I honor others and myself in light and love as One.

18. I am committed and dedicated to reverence for all life, honoring the soul and equality of all beings.

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