Chakra rebalancing

A Energetic Session is not extended your life – it deepens it.


The word Chakras comes from Sanskrit. (Ancient language)

It means „wheel“-wheels of power-spiraling, rotating vortexes of energy


The Chakras are organs of our subtle body. They are elongated energy spirals that go from the central meridian of the spine outwards. They draw energy, which is our life force (or food), from the outside and bring frequency into the interior of the body system. We also transport life force energy from the interior of our bodies outward.  This is the cleansing cycle in this body system.

Chi, which is also an energy flow that connects with the Chakras. This vital life energy (Prana) flows up and down your central channel connecting the base of the spine to the top of the head.

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Opening and clearing your Chakras allows you to be in balanced harmony which can open pathways to health and happiness and contentment.

I am able to feel and clean the blockages and imbalances of your chakras. Through telepathic connection and feeling through my hands I am able to activate the process of clearing. The only requirement is your willingness to let it happen.  I can feel your life energy whether you are with me or from a distance.  This is my gift.

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