Healing does not mean, everything is as before: Healing means that something changes in us that made us sick in body and soul. “Joerg Zink”


Praise the lordWhat is Energywork?
is everywhere and exists in everything – it occurs in either materialized or unmaterialized form. We wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast…
we work, we love, we experience… every action we undertake, emotion we feel, thought we conceive, every memory we make is energy.

The chair we sit in, the car we drive, the vegetables we eat – all are pulsing bundles of energy vibrating at frequencies that allow us to see them as solid objects.

Just as we habitually hoard receipts, bank statement, birthday cards and old magazines,  we also hang on to anger, outdated opinions, pride and fears.

All of this grasping, by the way, stems from fear.

Also your words have tremendous power, even the words that you say to yourself – so please choose wisely.

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But through stress, karma, disease, words, thoughts and other impediments, energy can become blocked. And when that happens, you are being robbed of its healthy unceasing flow through your body.

These blockages always affect the body’s systems in some manner, and the distortions can appear in your auric field long before it solidifies in your physical body.

Not paying attention to these cautionary signs for extended periods of time manifests in illnesses and disability.

Healing can only occur when these blockages are eliminated.

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It really is as simply as this: when energy flow is impeded – when we have blockages, we feel discomfort and pain; when energy flow is freely circulating and aligned, we feel joy and peace.

Being Aware Energy work does not replace medical advice or supervision.







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