Energetic Session



Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds, cannot change anything. – George Bernard Shaw –


All disease has a root; It is the cause that must be treated – not the symptom.

What is Energy? and why do I need a Energetic Session?

Often we wonder why sophotome problems and diseases seem to  manifest over and over again in our life.
I have been blessed in that I can perceive images, emotions and symbols that represent why these challenges keep recurring in your experience.

The difficulties may or may not even lie in this lifetime, but in previous lifetimes. Childhood traumas, deceased people, disquieting events, even foreign energies impact how we perceive and interact in our current environment.

It is through energetic healing that the subtle levels can be accessed and understood and released.

How dos it work?

Praise the lordBy using specific techniques and knowledge, together we can purge your chakras of disturbances. By removing these blockages in your deep subconscious, your lost soul parts can once again be reunified and reunited, allowing you to move forward with renewed and purified energy.

Energetic Session in Southwest Florida, just send me an email for more information to info@energywork.us

Every Energetic session is unique to the individual; my task of transforming your current situation will be channeled.
I will be guided during this time by Angels and your higher Self, accessing your subtle level and ultimately ushering you to a higher level of understanding and existence.

 Energetic Treatment in South west Florida

There is noEnergywork in Florida need to travel to a session if this is inconvenient for you, as I am a distance healer as well.

My work is as a guide to help you heal yourself.To make an appointment, call me, or simply fill out the Contact Form on this website.




Being Aware Energy work is not intended to replace medical advice or supervision.


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