Mental Spine Straightening

What wirbelsäule-001is the „Mental Spine Straightening“?de

The „Mental Spine Straightening“ is a kind of healing, which is incomparable in its effect.
It’s a spiritual act, in which it’s assumed that healing is carried out only by the spirit.

The correction of an oblique pelvis position with the leg length compensation, straightening of the shoulders and the spine straightening comes true in a matter of seconds durable, without any physical contact, only by the power of the intelligent spirit!

„Mental Spine Straightening“ is unique and mostly continues lifelong.
It’s also adaptive for animals.

How does the „Mental Spine Straightening“ act on body, spirit and mind?

Imagine you carried some bags cement on your shoulders for hours and your body reacts with backache. Owing to this mental affliction the spine contorts and twists, scapulae are not on the same level or your pelvis becomes skew. Leg lengths inequality is the consequence. These changes of the body are visible, your posture is affected.

If you imagine that a pillar should ensure stability and support, you will understand that the smallest change endangers this stability and makes an effect on everything, that the pillar actually should support. Transferred to the spine this means that all organs, cells and nerves are affected. Human will get ill, cause the „divine order“ is disturbed!

The recovery of this „divine order“ and with this the „Mental Spine Straightening“ is only possible by the power of the intelligent spirit. The universal vital energy diffuses in your whole body, blockades are solved and the energy is able to flow unimpeded again. The self-healing power is activated and act in the whole body on every level. The mind will be relieved of its affliction and the human gets ready.
The spine is straightened. This is noticeable by a better wellbeing and visible.

Who should use the „Mental Spine Straightening“?

This overall healing- help is important for all humans, no matter how old they are or which symptoms they have or how severe and progressed a disease is.

But also preventive accomplished it’s an investment to the future for everyone.


It has a positive effect on e.g. :

 sacroiliac pain  pelvic obliquity
 leg length inequality  sciatic afflictions
 disc prolapse  hip afflictions
 sliding vertebra  Arthrosis
 Scoliosis  degeneration of bones
 Osteoporosis  Tinnitus
 Headache  paraesthesia
 nerve disease  Vertigo

Since the „Mental Spine Straightening“ doesn’t only affect on physical level but also on spiritual and mental level, the recovery of the „divine order“ helps also in downers, life crises, conflict within a relationship or other difficult situations.

Wonder if its works also on your Spine?
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Process of the „Mental Spine Straightening“

Before the „Mental Spine Straightening“ happens, we get a visual overview of your postuwirbelsäule1-001re and the height difference of your shoulders.
For the preparation you are seated and your feet are positioned in a way that shows a possible leg length inequality, which exists by nearly every human.

Then the „Mental Spine Straightening“ begins.

This spiritual act, that is absolutely painless, lasts just a few minutes and happens without any physical contact. The leg length compensation is now on the same level and visible. Directly after the straightening an energetic treatment ensues to stabilize the straightening.

The “Mental Spine Straightening” does not replace medical, psychiatric or any other treatments, but serves as a supplement to these. It will only be given upon the client’s request. The client assumes full responsibility. Healing promises cannot be given.

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