Systemic Constellation Work

The greatest Soul moves in only one direction, and that is to bring into union that which has been made separate.  – Bert Hellinger

Systemic Constellations – A method, an approach, a Typ of therapy, a collection of insights, applied philosophy, study of human relationships, a useful tool applied in many disciplines, a way perceiving the world – which keeps captivating many around the world: those who struggle, those who want to learn and those who want to teach. – International Systemic Association ISCA

If we wish to transform an unhealthy system into a healthy one, we must be able to identify the current state of relationships in the system.

Family and Systemic Constellations allow us to do just that: to perceive the current state of the system so that we may assist to bring it into greater health and greater balance.

The field of Systemic Constellations has numerous applications – from healing personal and ancestral trauma, to providing teachers with new pedagogical techniques.

„We recognize our work as one of the currently most powerful tools for systemic inquiry, personal healing and organizational and social change.“

The uniqueness of the method is in its phenomenological approach which allows for the emergence of the „Knowing field“ – the field of information which we share with other people, our families, other groups we belong to and with the humanity in large. It is through this field, most often with the help from representatives and the phenomenon of representative perception, that we have direct access to knowledge we need in dealing with immediate participation in that knowledge comes in the form of insight which has the power of transformation.

Hellinger and other Systemic constellations practitioners have also developed a number of methodology procedures which allow for better understanding strengthening of these insights for people who are working on their issues: like spatial changes of representatives, body and energywork as well as certain rituals and sentences. All of these (an much more constitute what today we refer to as Systemic Constellation Work. In addition to these foundations of the work, this method (which accompanying insights and procedures) is continually changing and gevoloping. Diversity, growing, empirical knowledge and constant movement also seem to be the essential qualities of this method.

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