About my work


As mediator (medium) I am nothing else as a tool of the spiritual world, like a „megaphone“. I make in the transferred sense the connection from Here and on the other side.


Often I am asked whether I visits some seminars and/or has certificates. No, I do not have. I was born thus and I found out my education by and with the help of the spiritual world and my spiritual leaders. I represent the opinion that every person carries spiritual arrangements in himself, but not every person should work by various seminars and at last also for the spiritual world.


I am no foreteller. Still I receive information of the spiritual world to your current or past living conditions and if it makes sense from spiritual view, I receive also future-directed information. But I cannot influence this or force.


The preserved announcements can present you possible decisive easements to your life. We can you indicate ways where you can reach in your own healing. But we always has a choice and the free will of every single one wants to be respected.


Please, also tries to come with an open, relaxed position free of expectation to my meeting. Your wellbeing and to the best well-being for all is in the foreground by the handing over of information. Neither you nor I can force from the spiritual world certain details and information. And only what is endurable for you at the respective time emotionally and mentally, will be passed by me.


We reach the best success with an open, trust as well as affectionate atmosphere. Lacking willingness, strong reserve or huge doubts affects a good result.


Some announcements make not always immediately a sense. Various messages sometimes explain themselves after days or even weeks. Also this has his sense.


Sometimes announcements as well as pictures and emotions reach me for me for no sense, but they have for you and your life a certain meaning. Please, does not forget, I am also only a human, as I do not function everyday equal, hence, I ask for understanding if possible „translation errors“ or misunderstandings appear.


If you have any questions, feel free and send me an email info@energywork.us

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