deEssential Aura Sprays

Gateways to awareness and realization enhanced with high swinging vibrational and pure essential oils in combination with high quality herb essences.

Use individually or in combination with, each bottle provides tools to use during meditations, to support affirmations, to help listen to our body and open our minds to possibilities.

These essences are wonderful not only for personal use, but for home, work, situations,  before and after meetings, etc.

The potential for enhancing your world are with reach!

Each Spray is available in 1oz and 2oz 
1oz is $15 each spray and 2oz is $22 each spray.
If you buy 3, you get 1 free (equal or less value).

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#01 Aura - Stay clear in your second body

Effect: With the cleansing of Archangel Zadkiel and the power of Metatron along with the properties of Lavender, orange and nettle, this spray restore the integrity of your aura.

Purpose: THis fine spray dust settles down like a film on your aura allowing the everyday holes to pull together like a cobweb. Thi gives your telomeres room to stretch out, but denies damaging energy to enter.
External use only.   

#02 Clarity - Starry Night

Effect: Supportive energies of Archangel Gabriel and Zadkiel and herbal eences of eucalyptus, sage, juniper, peppermint and more, help in the clarifying process.

Purpose: To clear and expand space for ideas beyond science and physical manifestation. Sorting and making way for moving forward, not only in yourself and your spirit, but in your surroundings and environment. The 3rd eye or 6th sence, in harmony, invites intuition and awareness.
For external use only.   

#03 Eart - Mother Gaja - Survival of self and species

Effect: Charged with high swinging archangel energies and frequencies of Earth energies. Infused with active essential oils juniper, nettle, cedar wood and more. This amazing spray openings your pathways to this experience.

Purpose: To create connections to the center of the earth and spread out fine roots to clear and cleanse the lungs an trachea. This allows the root chakra to connect with the throat chakra creating harmony with emotions and self-expressions. It also helps you to find your own inner peace.
for external use only.  

#04 Protection - Camouflage

Effect: The powerful essence of Rose, nettles and cow bitter along with the support of archangels Seraphim and Cherubim, as well as, unicorn energies protect against negative and heavy energies.

Purpose: Provides the lower area (2nd chakra/energy center) with positive light and rejuvenation by building up an invisible wall against adverse and contrary emotions.  This allows the conscience to connect freely with love, kindness and passion. External use only. Shake before using.  Take care when wearing white or delicate materials.

#05 Heart - Peace and understanding

Effect: Archangels Raphael and Chamuel and Mother Mary create a soft bed of clouds to lay on, while scents rosemary and chamomile warm and open your heart.

Purpose: The center of the Chakra systems, the heart releases all the heartache and heaviness making way for healing and making a path for self-love and acceptance of your inner self and inner child. External use only. Shake before using.  Take care when wearing white or delicate materials.     

#06 Structure - Into the now

Effect: Archangel Aaron and Archangel Gabriel support the energy centers (light rod) of your body and its Aura.  Balanced with dandelion, ginger and rosemary scents, this combination supports harmony in the present moment.

Purpose: Imagine the Light Rod (energy centers) along with the layers of your aura finding perfect order, like a puzzle. To be in equilibrium is to know your boundaries and to live in the now, centered and strong. External use only.  Shake before using.  Take care when wearing white or delicate materials.  

#07 Sun - Shining

Effect: With the delight of Archangel Jophiel and the light of Archangel Sanoli along with the essences of lemon, chamomile and lemongrass allows this spray your inner “Sun” to shine.

Purpose: It gives you the energy to shine from inside out beside with the pure delight. This enables the Solar plexus to connect with the crown chakra and the higher self. External use only. Shake before using.  Take care when wearing white or delicate materials.

#08 Release - Say Yes for letting go

Effect: Archangel Azrael, Raphael, Jeremiel and Michael create with their power a dissolving in sequence. balanced with chamomile, dandelion, lavender and cinnamon.

Purpose: In geared to each other, Archangel Azrael begins to open and release the surface, Raphael heals in the meantime the wound while Jeremiel take away the pain of memory. And finally Archangel Zadkiel and Michael clean and protect you. All this occurs out in your second body – The Aura. Shake before using. Take care when wearing white or delicate materials. For External use only!  

#09 Full Moon - be daring - be vosionary

Effect: With the power of manifestion of the Full Moon along with mugwort, tumeric, bay leaf and yarrow along with Archangel Uriel – you can make your dreams come true.

Purpose: Its a 3 step – attended by the highest boost of positive vision and manifestation to reach the define well-being of Mother Earth and yourself. spray into the vision (dream) – see or sense it in the perfection – spray it on again for manifestation. This awareness will support opening the gate to other dimensions and for the power of the Full Moon. Shake before using. Take care when wearing delicate materials. For external use only! 

#10 Love - All you need is Love

Effect: Charged with the energies of Cherubim and Seraphim as well as with select essences as Ylang Ylang, meadowsweet and mandarin.

Purpose: Deepest trust and purest Love cover you and lie like a cotton ball around you. It lets you float on clouds. The present worries are allowed to leave you.  „Everything is as good, as it is.“
Shake before using. Take care when wearing delicate materials. For external use only!


#11 Animal - Self-empowerment

Effect: The select essences of bergamot, lavender and celandine operate in connection with Christ Energy, Archangel Michael and the original source of natural spirit.

Purpose: It gives the animal the opportunity to connect them self with the primordial matrix. This contains the original quality of all individual animal species and allows a cell regeneration as well as luminary adjustment. The Animal will then have the opportunity to find its way to one’s own primordial unit. Shake before using. Stroke over fur or spray into the Aura. External use only!

#12 Light activiation

Effect: Chraged with the energies of the elemental beings, the vibration of Lemuria and the essences of Lemon, Rosemary, meadow sweet and wild mint.

Purpose: It activates the essential Light in your cell system and anchores it. Bring yourself into deepest Love and thankfulness and with the help of the elemental beings your system will be enable to get the connection to the holy site.
External use only. 


#S1 EMF - Radioprotection

Effect: Powerful Energies and essences which shields from the negative harmful Rays and frequencies from you, helping you to be able to stay in a shielded space. Works against harmful and negative ray and radiation, like for example 3G, 5G and imilar radiation.

Purpose: New coding of the cell structure to transform the negative ray into useful ones for your own system. Nerves and cell system are also getting a new coding to be able to transform the negative rays of all levels. Works with Rosmary, propolis, Ginkgo biloba and much more.

#S2 Individual Aura Spray

A spray just for you!
Send me your name and date of birth and I will go in connection with your higher self. Through this connection I can find out what energies and frequencies your being needs right now to support you on your individual way. You will get an information card with all the essences, frequencies and messages who are in your own spray.

Each Spray is available in 1oz and 2oz 
1oz is $15 each spray and 2oz is $22 each spray.
If you buy 3, you get 1 free (equal or less value).

Please always include item numbers and quantities.

Essential Aura Sprays

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Heal your inner seed

From womb to tomb, we are bound to others. Past and present. And by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future. – cloud atlas.

It usually starts in the womb where we start to carry blockages from others, mother, father,.. and we carry those blockages trough our whole lifetime. I created this Spray-set that you can support yourself with your inner healing. Use it like a daily scent for your aura and allow therefore the healing process to get started.

This spray is only available in 2oz for $49.

#C1 Heal your inner Seed

With this Spray Set, you can heal the blockages of your own seed, your DNA. Which means healing from conception, during the entire pregnancy until the moment you entered this World. The first moment when you incarnated this lifetime. This Spray works together with your birthstone, birthboard and a booklet.

This spray-set supports and accompanies you, to help release with gentle and ease the blockages which are from this time and usually accompany you the entire lifetime.

How does this Set work…
There are eight sections – each section has an important moment of your own incarnation. From the conception until the delivery and after. you can work on each section how long you feel like – a week or a day or a month, depending on how fast or deep you would like to go through the process. While you putting your stone on your board you can read and be aware of those releasing and allowance you give your soul to heal and recover of those happened situations.
You then can repeat this course as often as you want. A refilling of the spray is possible.

Heal your inner seed

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